Friday, July 9, 2010

Me...A Cool Mom?

Well, it is a badge I wear happily...
even if I don't feel so "cool"
these days.

Before I get into that, 
let me tell you I did not go into motherhood
with the goal of being a "cool" Mom.

(I mean, come on...I just look like a Mom, right?)

I have 2 beautiful girls, 13 and 15, 

and ever since they
were little their friends would come over for play dates
or we would meet at places such as
the park, beach, mall for a play date...
...and many times their friends
throughout childhood and the school years
would make the remark 
"Your Mom is SO cool!"
I'll take it!

Because it isn't something I went after,
it isn't something I "did" to the harm of raising my children.
I was just being me!

I didn't try to "buy" them or their friends...
there were many who had bigger houses, 
more money,
cooler clothes and fancier cars.
I didn't look like a supermodel...
never have...never will.

There were so many things as a Mom
I felt I wasn't as good at
as other Moms were(or still are)...
but it doesn't matter...
Because in the eyes of my girls and their friends,
I managed to be cool...
all while setting rules, examples and having fun!
( I was and still am kind of "strict"...
which proves we CAN be a parent to our kids
if we aren't afraid to:)

And most importantly...
I love Jesus...
so you see, even so called "cool Moms" 
get it right sometimes:)

What made made me so supposedly "cool"?
(You might be surprised.)

I guess they thought I was creative
(I mean, we make Tutus and Jewelry to name a few...not bad, huh?)...

(our etsy shop is called Shabby Tiara Tutus)

maybe I dressed kind of cool
"for a MOM",
 I probably was pretty nice (I hope)...
was always decorating the house and more importantly,
the girls' room or playroom...
threw cool birthday and classroom parties
(Hey...we all have to be good at something...
and I was good at being Martha S. when it came to kid's parties. hahaha)...
ALWAYS decorated the house...
inside AND outside...
for Holidays and Birthdays!!!!!!
 ...Maybe I was kinda FUN...
(did I say that already? lol)
and drove a cute (not fancy or expensive) car

Cool Mom Confession #1:
I am an overgrown beach bum from way back,
still like sleeping in,
I LOVE blue jeans...
especially faded and ripped ones...
even before they were "in" there:)
I am a Starbucks loving mama...
and not just Starbucks...
because I am just as happy drinking "gas station coffee"
or my own version of a "coconut cream latte".

Okay, so you get the picture...
I didn't DO anything...
I was just being me.
Like my Mom always said...
"You're just a big kid".
The difference is,
I knew how...and when to be a Mom!
Yep...just being ME:)

And to them (my girls),
"Me" was okay.
Thank you girlfriends!!!
If I ever get around to writing a book...
I'll dedicate it to you.  hahaha

Okay, as you will soon learn from this blog...
the last thing I feel right now is "cool"...
There are some serious holes in my "cool Mom" wardrobe...
and I'm not talking about my favorite jeans...
but I have to expect a few holes
since I was just told I am the lucky one (NOT)
to have MS.
Ooh...didn't see that one coming, did ya? :)

Why "Confessions of a Cool Mom?"
A few things...
I want my girls to remember good times and to learn...
hopefully they will have many examples of motherhood...
but here I will talk about a few of mine from time to time.

I have always wanted to share some ideas
we did...and I could get some from you.
because I still love to do things with and for my girls
and their friends.
And I will ALWAYS love being around 
little ones...
and can use the tips with them!

This may all seem kind of "shallow" considering...
but we all need to lighten up sometimes, don't we?
I do!!!
There are so many hurdles women/moms face in life...
some are with their health,
some are with family or marriage problems,
and so many more.

And somehow you are supposed to be a 
"cool mom"?
NO...not supposed to be.
You are supposed to be you...
the mom God intended for you to be.

Which brings me back to my original comment...
I didn't "try" to be a cool mom.
Those who try to do this,
in my simple opinion,
are the ones who mess up their kids.
They are the ones who set no limits,
give them what they want,
fix every little problem they face...
and sometimes compete with their own child.

No, I believe it happens naturally to some moms...
whether you want it to or not...
and completely without realizing it.

When your kids and other kids
to be around you and your home...
that is a reflection
 on YOU...and YOUR KIDS.
Trust me on this one. :)

I know some of you are way "cooler" than I ever was.
Heck...I'm 46, almost 47...
an OLDER "cool mom".
Uggghhhhh...did I just call myself OLD????? LOL
(A month ago I didn't feel old, either:)

I sincerely hope that this blog is a place for all Moms...
those with young children and those with teens...
like me. 
Or maybe you have grandchildren or 
nieces and nephews.
(There IS such a thing as being a cool Aunt, 
you know.  
Trust me on that one, too:)

I hope I get this going
and I hope we all
make friends with other moms:)
We need each other.
And if you look at my other blog,
you will see that it is possible
to make friends on the internet.

I will intersperse my posts with
"Confessions of a Cool Mom tips"
from time to time.

These will serve 2 purposes...
you get to know me and we might get to thinking

Being a Mom is COOL!

I'm pretty sure we all agree on that.
 And I'm pretty sure about one MORE thing...
and there are days I wonder if I know ANYthing...
In fact, I'm POSITIVE that motherhood 
is not something to endure but to enjoy.

From Day 1 tell yourself that you are going to do your best
as a Mom, 
and you are going to have FUN with it...
and I guarantee your kids will also refer to you as a 
"cool mom".

(And by the way, at 13 and 15, mine are a little less likely
to admit they EVER said this...but they did.  hahaha)

Come along with me and maybe we'll both learn something along the way!

COOL hugs & BIG Blessings,


Melanie said...

'Looking forward to reading more about your "coolness." Love it!

kathyk said...

You are a cool mom and a very cool Aunt:) my kids always loved to see your packages at Christmas or just whenever:) You have such a knack for getting them the things I probably would have walked by, and you are still doing this now for my Grandkids:)

Love you Sue, and love your blogs



Rene' said...

Enjoyed reading about being the mom God wants us to be.

Dogmom Diva said...

Hi Suzanne, my boys are adults now but I alway thought I was a 'cool mom' too. I will follow and try t contribute, too!
To us Cool Moms!


Anonymous said...

You seem like a very cool mom to me.

I made my first pajama shorts. I actually made two. I wear them to bed every night. I am so happy with them. I should probably make some pants soon as it the weather will start getting cold. Hope you'll come take a look. By the way, I am turning 10 this weekend.