Saturday, September 3, 2011

What a "cool mom" takes to the beach...

photo.JPG by Shabbychicks
photo.JPG, a photo by Shabbychicks on Flickr.

Cowboy hat, black coconut lotion, people mag, flea market mag, rock star energy drink...and an iPod, of course, with country music!
Happy Saturday!
Enjoy life and have FUN with it;)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Do you remember...

....friendship bracelets?
i used to LOVE them.
confession # 1...
i STILL love them:)
my girls were so into these...
i loved those days.
 we wore our bracelets until they fell apart.

confession # 2...
i even remember wearing one of them to a charity Ball:)
oh yeah...there i am ready for a ball...
long gown, glitzy earrings, husband in a tux...
and i wore my bracelets, custom made by
Taylor and Jordie.

and i will NEVER forget how proud they were
to see me wear their beautiful creations.
i wouldn't trade jewelry like that for all the diamonds
in the world:)

on that note, have you seen some of the
friendship bracelets that are blinged out?

OMG...I would SOOOOOOOOOO wear these:)
friendship bracelet + vintage jewelry = BEAUTIFUL!
 thanks for stopping by
Confessions of a Cool Mom:)
have a good one!