Monday, September 27, 2010

There's ALWAYS a Reason to Celebrate Someone Special...

Okay, so let me start by saying that I do believe I have neglected this blog long enough!
I mean, not to make a lame joke but it COULD be really cool;)

So here goes...
Today is my sweet Jordie's half-birthday.
Happy Birthday Girlfriend!!!!

Yes, I admit it...we celebrate half-birthdays.
But, it's a fun, special thing to do and I highly recommend you try it
With your family. Trust me...they will love it and I promise it won't be too
Painful for you;)

When my oldest was born near the Holidays, my sister gave me the idea for this.
It just so happens that her half birthday is July 4th so she gets fireworks for
Her special day;)

But in a nutshell, we keep the day simple. We bake or buy a cake...
And serve HALF of it. (You can always freeze the other half for a rainy day;)

There are no major gifts. Sometimes we even just have silly gifts.
Other times, we give little things like a new lip gloss, pair of earrings, favorite treat...

When they were little, there was ALWAYS a balloon. (you DO know you can get a nice balloon at the Dollar Store, right?)

A special note and tiny little gift in their lunch box...eraser, new pencil, that juice box they're always asking for that you say no to...or maybe a donut with sprinkles on it;)

And at our house, their meals are served on the "special" plate.

See...simple stuff!
BUT...I PROMISE you they will LOVE this...
Always REMEMBER it...
And think you are the coolest Mom EVER!
(Their friends will too when they hear about it. Their friend's moms, on the other hand...may hate you;) Just kidding. But I did have to explain to a few moms that we keep it simple. They ended up adopting the tradition themselves.

I mean, life goes so fast. Childhood goes even faster!
Before you know it, they're wonderful young ladies...

Who still love birthdays...
Not babies any more.
Why NOT throw in one more day to celebrate the ones you love, right?

So there you very first "cool mom" tip.
Hey...I never claimed to be a brilliant mom or anything...
Just a cool mom...sometimes;)

Thanks for stopping by! I think we're gonna have a great time here once I get my act together;)